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See the new, latest Symposium website HERE! This is an archive for an old event.
30th Space Symposium
May 19-22, 2014 · Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

About the Art and Artist

For the past 15 years, the Space Symposium commemorative space art poster has been a treasured keepsake. The 30th Space Symposium poster was designed by artist Joe Vinton. Vinton is both honored and privileged for the opportunity to create the official artwork.

The poster will be distributed to Symposium attendees at the Space Foundation booth in the Boeing Exhibit Center. In addition to being used as a poster, Vinton's artwork is driving the design for all 30th Space Symposium advertising, collateral, signage and promotional materials, as well as this website.

About the Artist

Vinton lives in Burton on Trent in the U.K. From an early age, he had always been creative, but hadn't considered himself a natural artist until recently. When he bought his first PC in 2000 and was introduced to Bryce, a 3D modeling, rendering and animation software program, it inspired him to become a digital artist. His first break came when the Bryce developers asked him to create a tutorial showing how a scene was made from start to finish. From there, things began to snowball. A year later he was named "Artist of the Year" on the digital art site "Renderosity."

Vinton also created the artwork for the 23rd National Space Symposium. He is an expert in HTML and Flash and has taught digital workshops at local schools. His artwork has been featured in several exhibitions at local art galleries. For more information, visit

A Rich History of Design

To date, the Space Foundation has issued 16 Space Symposium posters, starting in 1999. The subject matter has ranged from actual space photographs to fantastical visions of the future to stunning starscapes. To see all the posters, click here.